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As we reflect on our most-read articles of 2021, we noticed our readers’ keenness towards timely and actionable information on the ongoing pandemic, its continued effects on monetary and fiscal policies, and the financial markets’ reaction to accelerating growth and inflation.

Also, many readers sought to put their long-terms affairs in order, seeking information on end-of-life planning, welcoming a baby, saving for retirement, and designing a meaningful legacy.

We appreciate you, our community of clients, trusted partners, and interested readers, who value the many hours our teams devote to original research and crafting it into content that engages and informs.

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#10—8 Retirement Planning Myths Debunked
From our decades working with clients, often with complex financial lives, we understand that planning for retirement is fraught with choices—and consequences. If you don’t plan well for retirement, you risk not having the income you’ll need to cover your expenses and maintain your desired lifestyle. This report detailed common and often outdated heuristics that, if relied on, may keep you from living your ideal retirement.

#9—ESG Investing Trends Hit Escape Velocity in 2020
In January, AMG’s investment team noted that after years of talk, investors were walking the walk. Demand for ESG investing flows were up on broad-based interest in making money while also doing good.

#8—Inflation on the Brain: What Should Be Top of Mind? (Video)
In early May, AMG highlighted the possibility of inflation above the Fed’s 2% target if the accelerating economic recovery burned off the slack created by COVID-19-related shutdowns faster than anticipated. In this article, we thought higher inflation was possible in 2021, but that it would likely drift back down in 2022 as market supply/demand levels normalized.

#7—Benefits of Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (SLATs)
AMG outlined SLATs as a tool to tax-efficiently transfer significant wealth while providing indirect access to assets during a donor’s lifetime. Worth considering if you’re seeking to maximize the historically high federal gift and estate tax exemption (currently $11.7 million).

#6—How Will I Be Remembered? (Video/Report)
Earl Wright, AMG’s Chairman and Co-Founder, spoke from his heart and over 50 years of experience working with individuals and families on the often-misunderstood topic of Leaving a Legacy. Should you have the great fortune of accumulating enough wealth to ensure your financial security through retirement—and then some—excess wealth may be incredibly impactful to the people and organizations most important to you—if you transition it thoughtfully.

#5—Is This a Bubble?
In February, AMG’s investment team sought to answer a question on many clients’ tongues: What about valuations? At that time, we didn’t recommend making abrupt moves. Instead, we recommended staying diversified to mitigate the chance of being hurt as the loftiest-valued securities tend to mean revert.

#4—9 Financial Planning “Baby Steps” to Consider When Starting a Family
Although starting a family is an exciting time, it can greatly alter your financial priorities and, without preparation, may lead to anxiety. This report detailed practical financial planning steps a growing family should consider before sleep deprivation kicks in.

#3—Assessing the Road Ahead (Video)
In February, we laid out our three-year forecast, describing seven potential paths the economy and financial markets might tread with AMG’s Base Case of “More Fiscal Stimulus” being borne out in the months that followed.

#2—Are You Good to Go? 3 Key End-of-Life Planning Questions
Congratulations to many of you who sought to organize your affairs by considering plans for end-of-life health care, financial security for loved ones, and estate transfer documents. Your loved ones will thank you. If you haven’t tackled this life event yet, there are always New Years’ resolutions!

#1—Potential Biden-Proposed Tax Changes Becoming Clearer
Heading into the fourth quarter, the Biden Administration tax proposals likely to make their way through Congress appeared clearer. However, as of this writing, nothing has yet passed, and the potential for significant changes for high earners looks less likely.

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