Executive Financial Counseling for Employers & HR

The right executive financial counseling (EFC) partner can help your senior leaders take full advantage of their compensation and benefit programs, while staying focused on growing your business.


Executive Financial Counseling is a valuable benefit that can be offered to senior leaders in your organization, and AMG has successfully provided this service to Fortune 1000 executives for over four decades.

Human Resource departments appreciate AMG’s involvement because it increases participation rates in key benefit programs, improves executive productivity, and lightens the workload associated with benefit education.

Our financial advisors work one-on-one with your senior executives to thoroughly understand their goals and develop a comprehensive financial solution that combines company-provided compensation and benefits with outside financial opportunities. It’s this integrated approach that provides the platform for long-term success.

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AMG’s rigorous financial counseling process includes the following applicable reviews and analysis that enable us to deliver comprehensive and integrated recommendations.

  • Financial Security Analysis – We help you identify your short- and long-term liquidity needs, understand the potential risks associated with disability, death, or changes in life situation, and review them against your current financial situation.
  • Compensation & Benefits Analysis – We help you understand, evaluate, and make informed decisions related to your company-sponsored plans and programs, including defined benefit, defined contribution (401k), deferred compensation, employee stock purchase, stock options, and insurance.
  • Retirement Planning  We look at multiple aspects of your financial situation, with your company and outside it, to help you make informed decisions about how best to utilize the opportunities you have available to retire when and how you want.
  • Tax Planning – Your advisor stays on top of the tax environment to provide relevant analysis to help you make tax-efficient decisions regarding withholding amounts, alternative minimum tax, estimated tax payments, and charitable giving.
  • Insurance & Risk Management Review – We help you identify your life and disability insurance needs and understand your liability exposures. AMG does not sell insurance or receive commissions from the sale of insurance or insurance-funded products.
  • Legacy & Estate Planning Analysis – We identify your wealth transfer objectives and the most effective strategies to use considering your personal financial security and family situation.
  • Strategic Investment Review – We develop a personalized strategic investment plan and asset allocation strategy for your portfolio annually based on your goals and risk tolerance. As your situation changes, we update your plan accordingly.

Advantages of AMG’s Executive Financial Counseling