Investment Management for Individuals

While many individual clients select our full-service wealth management solution, some clients want AMG to focus solely on managing their investments and nothing more. We’re happy to help each client on their terms.


With AMG’s Investment Management solution for individuals, our experienced financial advisors work closely with you to understand your goals and evaluate the strength of your current portfolio. Then, we develop a strategic investment plan specific to you, implement it, and manage it on an ongoing basis to keep it aligned with your goals.

Your strategic investment plan will include detailed asset allocation recommendations as well as specific investment opportunities. We leverage our experienced investment team and our research-driven approach to investment management to help you take advantage of what we think are strong risk-adjusted opportunities in the current economic environment. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve success.

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  • Strategic Investment Plan – We annually develop a strategic investment plan based on your goals. Your plan includes specific asset allocation and investment recommendations tailored to your unique situation.
  • Implementation & Ongoing Management – Having a good plan is only the start. Your plan needs to be implemented correctly and managed to ensure things stay on track and evolve as you do.
  • Access to Investment Research – You have access to research and insights from our investment team about the global economy and the financial markets. This helps you stay informed about the lengths to which AMG goes to manage your assets successfully.
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Statements – You receive detailed reporting about the performance of your managed assets, account statements showing account balances and transaction details, and account tax reporting for assets held in custody.

Your relationship with AMG is driven by your goals and supported by our comprehensive approach to investment management. Let AMG help you achieve your vision.

Advantages of Working with AMG