Trust Administration

AMG can help you protect and preserve the legacy you spent a lifetime creating with our integrated approach to trust administration and management.


Trusts can help you accomplish a wide variety of goals like ensuring the long-term care for a loved one, protecting assets, decreasing your taxable estate, passing wealth to future generations, or providing for a favorite charity. No matter what your goals are, AMG can help you make the important decisions about your future and your legacy.

Our experienced trust officers work closely with clients, estate attorneys, and our financial advisors to determine the type of trust that best suits each specific situation and manage the complexities of administrating the trust and its assets. This collaboration gives you peace of mind that you’ll have a trust solution aligned with your goals.

couple reviewing paperwork with a professional advisor seated on a couch with brochures on a coffee table


  • Trust Administration — Our experienced trust officers help you handle the complexities of trust and estate administration, such as trust tax returns and distributions.
  • Investment Management for Trust Assets — Our trust officers work with AMG’s investment approach to develop an investment strategy for your trust assets and manage them over time, through changing market conditions, based on your trust’s specific goals.
  • Family Education & Guidance — AMG helps your family understand the purpose of trusts and how to use trusts effectively to thrive.
  • Bill Pay & Recordkeeping — AMG can receive and pay bills for your trust to ensure they are handled in a timely and seamless manner, within the guidelines of the trust document.

Client Testimonial

“I don’t believe I have ever heard of a more responsive, personal, and helpful trust bank. Another family member has a trust that has been with several different banks. None of these banks have been as helpful as AMG.”

— Jennifer, Trust client