Personal Financial Management

When you look to your future, what do you see? How are you planning to take advantage of the wealth you created or the opportunities still ahead? AMG can help you achieve success, however you define it.


Our experienced financial advisors will make it easy for you to make informed wealth management decisions. We’ll work together to evaluate the strength of your current financial situation and your long-term goals. Then we’ll develop a comprehensive and fully integrated plan to help you achieve long-term financial success.

We incorporate much more than just investment management into your plan by expertly connecting every facet of wealth management – financial counseling, investment advice and execution, private capital opportunities, trust and legacy planning, tax planning and preparation, banking, and charitable giving. AMG delivers tailored advice in each of these areas. This integrated approach, along with holistic implementation, makes us a valued partner who is dedicated to your success.



  • Financial Security Analysis – We help you identify your short- and long-term liquidity needs, understand the potential risks associated with disability, death, or changes in life situation, and review them against your current financial situation.
  • Investment Advice & Portfolio Management – We develop and implement a personalized strategic investment plan and asset allocation strategy for your portfolio. Sophisticated performance reporting and clear account statements help you know your investments are on track.
  • Retirement Planning – We help you explore the life you want to live in retirement and understand what you need to make it happen and how you can utilize the opportunities you have available to get there.
  • Tax Planning – We help you find opportunities to build your wealth in a tax-efficient manner. Your advisor stays on top of the tax environment and provides relevant analysis to help you make tax-efficient decisions.
  • Insurance & Risk Management Analysis – We help you identify your life and disability insurance needs, understand your liability exposures, and connect you with insurance experts to mitigate these risks. AMG does not sell insurance or receive commissions from the sale of insurance or insurance-funded products.
  • Legacy & Estate Planning Analysis – We work closely with you to identify your legacy and estate planning goals and design strategies to accomplish these goals in alignment with your family situation.

Your relationship with AMG is driven by your goals and fueled by our comprehensive and fully integrated approach to wealth management. AMG brings the expertise and solutions you need to help achieve your vision.

Advantages of Working With AMG