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Featuring The Honorable Paul D. Ryan, former Speaker of the House
Illustration of U.S. Capital building's dome exploding with US$ bills

Past events and webinars

Natural resources are fundamental to technological advances in energy security, climate solutions, and food security—to name a few.
Thank you for joining us for Slow Going Ahead in 2023. A troubled 2022 ended with solid fourth-quarter GDP growth, and January ushered in advances in retail sales, payroll, and manufacturing. All of these belie weakness and uncertainty in the economy.
Thank you for joining us for to learn AMG’s views on economic growth, recession risk and the inflation environment over the next two years.
China is playing to win, pursuing the goals set forward in the Global China 2049 Initiative. Yet challenges related to an aging population, the middle-income trap, and international trade and relations persist.
Questions about recession and inflation continue to encroach on our path forward. Please join AMG as we discuss these questions and how investors can navigate what the future may hold. 
Mashup of George Washington on $1 bill and market performance data and line chart.
Amb. Michael McFaul, U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation (2012-2014), for a discussion and Q&A on the war in Ukraine.
Hear how AMG’s experts view inflation, the factors influencing it right now and expectations for the future.
AMG hosted a webinar with best-selling author and historian Walter Isaacson about how CRISPR will shape the evolution of science, business, and investment opportunities over the coming decades.