Executive Financial Counseling

Financial counseling is a valued corporate benefit because it supports business success for the company and financial security for its senior executives.

Turning Business Success into Financial Security

AMG launched our executive financial counseling service in 1972 with a revolutionary idea at the time. We believed that executives at prominent companies needed an independent financial partner dedicated to their success. Our solutions provide comprehensive, objective, and product-agnostic advice about how to maximize your career progression to create meaningful wealth.

Our experienced financial advisors counsel senior executives to develop and implement customized wealth management solutions that seek to take full advantage of compensation and benefits plans (e.g. stock awards, stock options, long-term performance awards, deferred compensation, disability, and insurance programs). We leverage input from our team of experts to help you capitalize on your opportunities for wealth creation and manage risks to build the future you desire.

Creating your comprehensive financial plan is only the start. AMG stays on top of the moving parts and lets you know when something needs to happen, so you can keep your plan on track to reach your goals.


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AMG’s Value to Our Clients

  • Independent, objective advice offered on a fee-only basis
  • Expertise and resources to deliver comprehensive solutions
  • Integration in planning and execution helps ensure your success
  • Always focused on your goals and evolve as you do

AMG’s comprehensive approach to executive financial counseling is their competitive advantage. They offer ongoing financial positioning assessments that are measured in decades, ensuring greater financial peace of mind for me and my family.”

— Dan,
CEO & Executive Financial Counseling client

They truly understand my entire financial picture. I’m extremely happy with AMG.”

— Doug,
Executive Financial Counseling client

Continuity of key staff and leadership at AMG provides great comfort to clients like me.”

— George,
Executive Financial Counseling client

AMG has done a great job of addressing what I care about under the umbrella of providing solid financial advice for my retirement without being pushy.”

— Shawn,
Executive Financial Counseling client

AMG’s services were directly linked to higher executive productivity and a greater appreciation for the corporate benefits that we, as an HR team, offered to our executives.”

— Susan,
HR Leader at Fortune 1000 Company