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Investment Management

AMG works with you to build an investment plan that is customized to help you achieve your specific financial goals. We design a strategy that allows us to identify appropriate investments for your portfolio and manage your risks and returns more effectively. We then carry out the investment plan on your behalf. AMG takes a disciplined approach to investment management and emphasizes the following:

  • We believe that a wide range of investments should be made available to any investor with significant wealth because diversification helps to control risk.
  • We review and update your investment strategy on an annual basis. This allows us to consider how major market movements or economic conditions may or may not affect the investments in your portfolio.
  • We incorporate into your investment strategy a comprehensive examination of possible economic scenarios, especially the conditions we anticipate, as well as a study of various asset classes and how they are expected to perform.
  • We engage in interactive discussion and provide thorough explanations for generating parameters for the investment strategy we believe you should pursue.

Customized investment strategies, the depth of AMG’s investment and economic research, open investment architecture, and the breadth of our expertise and services allow AMG to serve clients in unique ways. This approach allows you to understand the risks and rewards of investing while also seeing the value of working with an AMG National Trust Bank investment manager.