Financial Planning for Corporate Executives

Through employer-sponsored financial planning programs, AMG helps executives turn career success into financial success and peace of mind.

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Financial Planning for Corporate Executives​

Through employer-sponsored financial planning programs, AMG helps executives turn career success into financial success and peace of mind.


Human resource innovators seek to enhance the employee experience and ensure that their companies are able to hire and retain the best talent. Yet executives often are too busy to look into understanding and taking advantage of the wealth creation opportunities these programs present.

Financial planning as a valued corporate benefit

Employer-sponsored financial planning programs can help bridge the gap, benefiting both employers and employees by:
  • Improving employee focus, productivity and wellbeing
  • Improving employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increasing knowledgeable participation rates in benefit programs
  • Helping human resource staff see the successful execution of company benefits and incentives for each unique executive

Senior executives need more than a financial wellness program

While financial wellness programs can provide valuable resources and education on basic financial topics for all employees, senior executives require a more specialized and comprehensive approach for several reasons:

  • Complex Compensation Packages: Senior executives often receive compensation packages that include various components such as base salary, bonuses, stock options, restricted stock units (RSUs), deferred compensation, and performance-based incentives. Understanding and optimizing these components requires specialized knowledge.
  • Tax Complexity: Executives may need guidance on tax-efficient strategies for managing the timing of compensation, minimizing tax liabilities, and complying with tax laws and regulations.
  • Stock-Based Compensation: Monitoring and realizing the value of stock options or equity awards, including deciding when to exercise options or sell shares, involves a unique set of considerations.
  • Retirement Planning: Senior executives may be subject to limitations on contributions to retirement accounts and they may have supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs) that require careful planning and consideration of tax consequences.
  • Risk Management: Executives may be exposed to risks related to their work roles and personal activities. Managing and mitigating these risks is crucial for the company as well as the executive.

Financial Peace of Mind for Business Leaders


For nearly half a century, AMG has been a go-to resource for Fortune 1000 companies and their esteemed senior executives, offering tailored financial planning programs exclusively designed for executives with complex financial lives.

We are more than advisors; we are strategic partners, integrating the intricate details of your company’s compensation and benefit plans into individualized financial plans.

Our commitment is unwavering, providing executives with impartial, independent, and objective advice meticulously tailored to their individual circumstances.


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AMG offers personalized, comprehensive, tax-aware financial planning and an annual dynamic investment review to clients engaging with us through a company-sponsored financial planning program. Clients also may opt into AMG’s discretionary investment management and other integrated solutions, for a separate fee.



Executive Financial Counseling Program Details

  • Compensation and Benefit Planning: We assist our clients in comprehending, evaluating, and making well-informed decisions regarding their company-sponsored plans and programs. This includes defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans (such as 401(k)s), deferred compensation, employee stock purchase programs, stock options, and insurance offerings.
  • Tax Planning: We provide personalized, insightful analysis to empower clients in making tax-efficient decisions. This includes considerations related to withholding amounts, alternative minimum tax, estimated tax payments, and charitable giving strategies.
  • Financial Security Assessment: We take a comprehensive approach to determine how each executive can create their unique financial security. Our goal is to help them make informed decisions to prepare for retirement and understand how to manage for potential risks, such as disability, death, or significant life changes.
  • Cash Flow Planning: Our services help clients identify their short-term and long-term cash needs, enabling them to plan effectively for various financial events and liquidity requirements.
  • Investment Review: Leveraging AMG’s proprietary global economic and markets research, we create a personalized strategic investment plan and asset allocation strategy tailored to each clients’ financial goals and risk tolerance, on an annual basis, which we update as client circumstances or our proprietary research changes.
  • Legacy and Estate Planning: We work with clients to identify their wealth transfer goals for future generations and charitable causes close to their hearts. Our guidance extends to advising on and helping implement effective strategies to achieve these objectives.
  • Personal Risk Assessment: We assist clients in evaluating their life and disability insurance needs while helping them understand potential personal liability exposures associated with property and vehicle ownership. (AMG does not sell insurance or receive commissions from insurance sales.)

Frequently Asked Questions

For nearly 50 years, we have worked with Fortune 1000 companies, providing independent, unbiased, and personalized financial planning services to their key employees.

The building blocks of financial security and wealth creation are complex and interrelated, requiring a comprehensive and integrated approach to effectively maximize an executive’s wealth creation opportunities.

Therefore, we seek a holistic understanding of each client’s financial life in order to provide the best advice. We pride ourselves on forging deep and personal relationships, becoming a trusted and proactive advisor to each client.

AMG’s Executive Financial Counseling Program includes:

    • Compensation and benefits planning
    • Tax planning
    • Financial security assessment
    • Cash flow planning
    • Investment review
    • Legacy and estate planning
    • Personal risk assessment

Employers offer a financial planning benefit to their key employees to help them optimize their compensation, increase awareness of their benefits, and help them focus on their employer’s business and their career. Then the employer can step aside, if desired. AMG and the employee take it from there.

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We’d be thrilled to add your company to our list of Fortune 1000 clients for whom we provide independent, unbiased financial counseling to key employees.

Once a company decides to partner with AMG, we gain a deep understanding of the company’s benefit programs. Typically, we review the summary plan documents (SPD), or equivalents, and meet with the individual or team who administers the executive compensation and benefits program. These steps help us develop and understanding of your plan specifics, informing the guidance of AMG professionals who will be working with your executives.

Once we have the names and contact details for eligible employees, either the company or AMG informs them of the financial planning benefit and how AMG can help them navigate and benefit from the program. Typically, the onboarding process takes just a few weeks and requires few company resources to administer.

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