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Fraternal Foundations

Fraternal foundations face unique financial management and administrative challenges. Your financial-services partner should understand these challenges and support you with expert counsel and exceptional service that allows your leadership to focus on the organization’s mission.

AMG National Trust Bank serves the comprehensive needs of fraternal foundations with extensive investment management and advice, trustee and administrative services, and banking services. Organizations rely on our investment expertise, independent perspective and portfolio management to help grow, manage and protect the assets that allow them to carry out their missions.

Leverage your investment-management relationship to get powerful financial solutions from our expert advisors. After all, the real value in building your assets is how they allow your organization to serve the community.

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Trustee Services

Wide-ranging administrative functions are necessary to a foundation, endowment or nonprofit’s operation. When inefficient, they can drain precious resources from mission-focused work.

AMG National Trust Bank provides asset-custody and safekeeping services, as well as detailed performance reporting, so an organization can understand the resources at its disposal. We help organizations put short-term assets to work through deposit accounts, lending services and an excellent corporate cash-management suite. We streamline and handle distribution or donation processing and perform limited due diligence. We can also act as independent trustee for charitable trusts, helping organizations adhere to donor intent.

At every turn, AMG presents tools to complement our core investment- management services and increase your organization’s capacity to carry out its mission.