Stock Options Can Greatly Magnify Your Earning Potential—If You Manage Them Properly

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executives standing at a window in the city
Request this 4-page report to understand stock options and how to exercise stock options with confidence.

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executives standing at a window in the city

When you receive employee stock options, you have a potential wealth magnification tool. But there’s a catch: Stock option plans are complicated and busy executives typically don’t have the time to properly manage them.

Request Report: 6 Stock Option Exercise Strategies

In this report, learn the basics of how stock options work and how to build a stock option exercise strategy that suits your long-term financial plan and potentially minimizes taxes.

Did you know…

  • There are two types of stock options, NQSOs and ISOs?
  • Typically, you do not have to exercise stock options when they vest?
  • Certain stock options are double taxed, when exercised and when shares are sold?
  • If you hold shares for over one year after the exercise date your tax liability may go down?
  • You must track each stock option unit with care because your basis may be different when determining your regular tax and AMT?

Don’t be like the senior executive who came to us in shock after exercising stock options and having an unexpected tax bill with potential tax penalties in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Get help from an AMG advisor to plan your stock option exercise strategy. We can help you maximize your income, plan your cash flows, and potentially minimize your taxes.

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