Wealth Management

Your goals and our expertise are a powerful combination. Capitalize on your opportunities with an experienced partner focused on your vision and a better way to wealth.

A Better Way to Wealth

Wealth provides incredible opportunities for you and your family to prosper. How you manage your wealth matters if you want to take advantage of these opportunities and have a lasting impact on future generations.

At AMG, wealth management starts with a clear understanding of your goals and values. This sets the foundation to create a meaningful wealth management solution designed specifically for you. It incorporates retirement, taxes, insurance, legacy planning, wise use of assets, and much more. It goes well beyond just investment management and so does our expertise.

Leveraging our unique organization, our unparalleled expertise, and our unwavering commitment to clients, AMG has built a better way to wealth.

  • Better because it starts and ends with your goals, and evolves as you do.
  • Better because it integrates all facets of managing your wealth.
  • Better because it’s implemented and managed by an experienced partner focused on your success.

The result is a time-tested wealth creation and management process called Personal Financial Management that helps you realize opportunities today, tomorrow, and for future generations.

Why Work With AMG

  • Independent, objective financial advice provided on a fee-only basis
  • Comprehensive and integrated approach to wealth management
  • Customized solutions backed by research, innovation & experience
  • Integration in both planning and execution helps ensure your success


“satisfied” in latest client survey

45 Years

length of longest client relationship

47 States

where AMG has clients across the U.S.

Personalization sets AMG apart. Our advisor really understands our financial standing and goals.”

— Bryant,
Wealth Management client

I think AMG’s approach is more personal and genuine. My advisor’s expertise is a strong differentiator.”

— Catherine,
Wealth Management client

My relationship with AMG feels more like a partnership than just an advisory firm.”

— Dan,
Wealth Management client

AMG delivers knowledge & results, in a very personal way.”

— Gerry,
Wealth Management client

AMG is more focused on the client’s success than other firms and fully understands that the client’s success is essential to AMG’s success.”

— Gil & Kristine,
Wealth Management clients

AMG has top quality advisors and a transparent, easy-to-understand approach to portfolio management.”

— Jim & Tracy,
Wealth Management clients