The White House’s proposed American Jobs Plan includes billions of dollars in investments for a myriad of programs that would boost the momentum for sustainable infrastructure with economically viable opportunities for new business innovations. Many of these are reflected in AMG’s private investment strategies via the Cupola Infrastructure Income Fund. For example, electrifying transportation such as vehicle fleets where routes/charging points are known in advance and lifetime maintenance costs factor heavily in decision making can offer opportunities.

Lightning Systems produces electric vehicles for commercial fleets, targeting the medium- and heavy-duty markets, including delivery trucks, shuttle buses, passenger vans, and city transit buses. The company also provides charging stations, installation project management and ongoing maintenance and support. The company has a strong customer base, including Amazon, DHL, CBRE, and Cox.

Sustainable manufacturing: Bolder Industries owns and operates projects that divert waste tires from traditional landfills, repurposing the materials into products used in rubbers and plastics. The company’s flagship product is Bolder Black, a sustainable alternative to carbon black, a rubber reinforcing additive used primarily in auto tires and shoe soles. It received the Environmental Leader’s 2016 Product of the Year Award. Bolder Black uses at least 90% less water and emits 90% fewer greenhouse gases in production than traditional carbon black.

The momentum for sustainable infrastructure has only increased over the past few years with economically viable opportunities for new business innovations. The proposed Biden infrastructure plan could accelerate these initiatives.

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