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Performance Reporting Access Updated

Effective December 18, 2014, in order to access Performance Reporting all users must have TLS 1.0 enabled in Internet Explorer versions 8 and higher. By default, TLS 1.0 should already be enabled in Internet Explorer 8 and higher versions. To ensure you do not experience any access disruptions, we suggest you confirm that this security protocol is correctly enabled in your current version of Internet Explorer (see steps and screen shots below):

For end-users accessing websites, it’s recommended that you do the following:

  1. Check to see if SSL 3.0 is disabled on your browser (for example, in Internet Explorer it is under Internet Options, Advanced Settings).
  2. Avoid MITM attacks by making sure “HTTPS” is always on the websites you visit.
  3. Monitor any notices from the vendors you use regarding recommendations to update software or passwords.
  4. Avoid potential phishing emails from attackers asking you to update your password – to avoid going to an impersonated website, stick with the official site domain.

If you are unable to check the “Use TLS 1.0” box, please contact your network support team for assistance.

Screen shot 1

Screen Shot 2

Screen Shot 3