When it was created in 1995, the AMG Charitable Gift Foundation was an early pioneer in the donor-advised fund arena. AMG launched its Foundation to satisfy its wealth management clients’ need for a simple way to manage their charitable giving, integrate it with their tax and wealth management planning, and continue their legacies, all with a personal touch.

For those unfamiliar with a donor-advised fund, it’s a simple, tax-wise investment for your charitable giving. It allows you to make irrevocable contributions to a charitable gift account that you name, invest the contributions for growth, and recommend grants from the account to the charities you support. It’s easy to establish, and your contributions may be eligible for a tax deduction in the year contributed, even when grants are not made until a future year. You advise the Foundation how you prefer the account to be invested, and when you want to support your favorite 501(c)(3) public charity, just let us know and we take care of the rest. Multiple generations of family members can join together to make philanthropic giving an important part of their daily lives.

Over the Foundation’s 25-year history, we’ve seen steady growth in fund accounts, assets contributed, and charitable grants made. In 2019, the AMG Charitable Gift Foundation funded charitable grants totaling over $14 million. Especially in today’s challenging times with the economic shutdown and slow recovery, clients are using their donor-advised funds to support and sustain the charities they cherish.

“We greatly appreciate the timeliness and attention given to our family and our charitable giving efforts. The AMG Charitable Gift Foundation has been truly amazing.”

AMG Charitable Gift Foundation Donor


To learn more about the AMG Charitable Gift Foundation, contact your AMG advisor or Request More Info.

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