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Best-of-breed: Clearly defined philosophy, repeatable process and a track record of consistency

When Earl Wright and Michael Bergmann founded AMG National Trust Bank in 1975, they committed themselves to a fiercely independent and objective best-of-breed approach to investment selection. Nearly 40 years later, this commitment still guides AMG. We do not compensate advisors based on the investments they recommend, manage proprietary mutual funds, sell insurance, underwrite securities or receive commissions from the sale of financial products. We want the complete freedom to recommend only the investments and investment managers who demonstrate characteristics that produce a higher likelihood of long-term outperformance across market cycles. These are managers we define as best-of-breed.

Best-of-breed managers have investment philosophies and strategies that allow them to successfully negotiate volatile markets. These managers take a long-term approach to investing and their bias toward capital preservation benefits AMG’s clients.