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So many considerations go into making wise wealth management decisions. AMG National Trust Bank’s advisors help you evaluate your financial affairs, create a plan that incorporates long-term financial security, and develop and execute a complementary investment strategy that takes in to account your estate plan, unique tax situation, and wealth transfer wishes. AMG’s commitment to independent and objective financial advice and long-term capital preservation helps you maximize investment opportunities while managing risk. Let us help you effectively and efficiently plan your financial future. After all, the real value in building and protecting your wealth is what it permits you and your family to accomplish.

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Charitable gifts play a central role in the life of many individuals and families. Whether giving for tax reasons, passion for a cause or both, AMG National Trust Bank can help you be intentional in your philanthropic endeavors. We examine lifetime tax consequences and estate planning issues as well as your personal concerns and goals for philanthropy.

There are many gifting options available:

  • The AMG Charitable Gift Foundation is a donor-advised fund that makes philanthropy simple and cost effective.
  • An irrevocable charitable trust can have positive tax consequences.
  • A private foundation or endowment can allow you to manage large and diverse assets. Some people establish foundations to help their families and children learn about managing investments and philanthropy.
  • Direct donations may be a good choice for one-time gifts earmarked for specific purposes such as constructing buildings or establishing programs.

We help you determine an effective income tax strategy including the timing of gifts and assets that could maximize after tax benefits and your philanthropic objectives.