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Managing family wealth requires customized solutions from advisors experienced in the complexities and opportunities created by such wealth. Because your financial needs are as complex and diverse as the people within your family, we offer a multi-disciplinary, team-based approach to serving your family’s unique goals. Our experienced family-office service teams work closely with you to completely understand your family’s goals, objectives and financial situation. We provide intelligent, intergenerational planning, helping you navigate important decisions and avoid common pitfalls. With complete and customized solutions, AMG National Trust Bank helps families seize financial opportunities, control taxes, and preserve, build and transfer wealth.

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Portfolio Management

In ancient times, the Antikythera Mechanism, pictured Antikythera Mechanismto the right, gave users a new way of looking at and understanding the universe. They could interact with the world in a different way and make superior decisions because of the insight. AMG Capital Management (ACM) strives to employ advanced technologies and uncommon insight to assess investment options and make sound decisions for portfolio management.

ACM Portfolio Strategies

AMG Capital Management leverages a strict investment process and philosophy, based on our expertise utilizing big, global data on publicly traded companies and country specific macroeconomic data, to establish a quantitative baseline for analysis and portfolio construction. This quantitative baseline results in a highly disciplined approach to equity investing that aims to identify and capture real alpha, resulting in capital protection and strong, risk-adjusted performance.

U.S. and Global Dividend Equity

We believe companies that have historically focused on increasing shareholder value and are capable of producing strong financial results over extended periods of time will generate solid returns. We manage risk through an effective sell discipline and conservative portfolio diversification.

Companies included in AMG Capital Management (ACM)-managed equity portfolios must possess the following characteristics:

  • Attractive market valuations
  • Financial dependability and the potential for long-term fundamental performance
  • The ability to provide above-average returns on invested capital

This approach is deployed in the following four strategies:

  • ACM Blue Chip Portfolio Strategy
  • ACM All Cap Portfolio Strategy
  • ACM Small and Mid Cap Portfolio Strategy
  • ACM Global Dividend Portfolio Strategy

Please contact us for more information on the performance of these portfolios and their strategies.

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