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Managing family wealth requires customized solutions from advisors experienced in the complexities and opportunities created by such wealth. Because your financial needs are as complex and diverse as the people within your family, we offer a multi-disciplinary, team-based approach to serving your family’s unique goals. Our experienced family-office service teams work closely with you to completely understand your family’s goals, objectives and financial situation. We provide intelligent, intergenerational planning, helping you navigate important decisions and avoid common pitfalls. With complete and customized solutions, AMG National Trust Bank helps families seize financial opportunities, control taxes, and preserve, build and transfer wealth.

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Gifting and Taxes

The specific tax benefits of working with the AMG Charitable Gift Foundation include:

  • Immediate tax deduction for contributions to the foundation.
  • Deducting contributions at fair-market value.
  • Forego recognizing capital gains when you fund your contributions with appreciated securities.

With the AMG Charitable Gift Foundation, you can do more with your original charitable gift.  Contributions grow tax-free until they are distributed, allowing your contributions to fund even more charitable giving at a later date.