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Managing family wealth requires customized solutions from advisors experienced in the complexities and opportunities created by such wealth. Because your financial needs are as complex and diverse as the people within your family, we offer a multi-disciplinary, team-based approach to serving your family’s unique goals. Our experienced family-office service teams work closely with you to completely understand your family’s goals, objectives and financial situation. We provide intelligent, intergenerational planning, helping you navigate important decisions and avoid common pitfalls. With complete and customized solutions, AMG National Trust Bank helps families seize financial opportunities, control taxes, and preserve, build and transfer wealth.

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Family Office Services

Family wealth is powerful and can elevate those who benefit from it. The complexities of this kind of wealth demand a highly coordinated approach. AMG's family office services allow you to enjoy the benefits of a single family office without the burden of maintaining your own staff. Through AMG's family office services you will have access to the innovative and sophisticated solutions required to manage and simplify your family's complex personal and financial affairs.

Services AMG offers can include tax planning and preparation, family entity governance administration, and access to private client services including banking, recordkeeping, bill paying, bookkeeping services, and financial education for family members.

Sound financial strategies integrated with administrative and management services allow you more time to pursue your goals and enjoy the wealth you have created.

Family Office Services

Family Governance

Governance of family entities and wealth should be professional and efficient. This can be challenging when a family member is leading the process. AMG National Trust Bank can take family dynamics out of the equation, ensuring your family's financial affairs are managed efficiently and effectively for the benefit of all.

Governance provides a framework in which families can operate in a more business-like manner by clarifying expectations, roles and responsibilities. Take advantage of AMG National Trust Bank's lengthy experience helping families better manage their wealth. Vastly different governance structures are available, and we can advise you on the benefits and pitfalls other families have experienced with them. Adopting the governance structure best suited to your family's needs lays the groundwork for generations of sound financial decision-making.

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