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Entrepreneurs & Founders

Entrepreneurs drive the long-term health and prosperity of the global economy. Drawing upon extensive experience investing in venture companies and working with entrepreneurs and founders, AMG understands how to serve your unique financial needs. AMG provides white glove service so you can focus on growing your company. Services include:

  • Seamless personal and commercial banking
  • Financial counseling and tax advice that helps prepare you for liquidity events and business exits
  • Portfolio management that helps diversify and protect your wealth

How can we help?
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Wealth Transfer

Effective wealth transfer begins by understanding what portion of your wealth you can leave to your heirs. Regardless of your financial success, poor planning may result in excessive estate taxes or put your own financial security in peril.

AMG National Trust Bank — with expertise in ever-changing and complex tax laws, regulations, trust structures and gifting techniques — can guide you to an estate plan that protects your legacy. We help you articulate specific goals related to transferring your assets as well as your values. We strive to completely understand your overall financial and investment goals and bring that knowledge to your wealth transfer planning. Working hand-in-hand with your attorneys, we can help you create a plan for your wealth and legacy to endure.