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Entrepreneurs & Founders

Entrepreneurs drive the long-term health and prosperity of the global economy. Drawing upon extensive experience investing in venture companies and working with entrepreneurs and founders, AMG understands how to serve your unique financial needs. AMG provides white glove service so you can focus on growing your company. Services include:

  • Seamless personal and commercial banking
  • Financial counseling and tax advice that helps prepare you for liquidity events and business exits
  • Portfolio management that helps diversify and protect your wealth

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Banking for Founders

Your prosperity depends on the partners you select. Mercury, the fleet messenger to the gods, was also the Roman god of financial gain and commerce. Like Mercury, AMG delivers information and services quickly so you can advance your business strategy effectively. We provide exceptional service that allows you to take care of both commercial and personal banking needs through one relationship attuned to your unique circumstances as an entrepreneur or founder.

Banking for Founders

Retirement Plan Services

Retirement Plans Retirement plans play a significant role in your corporate recruitment and retention activities. AMG National Trust Bank can help you offer high-quality retirement plans with diverse, independent best-of-breed investment options. Our approach is vastly different from other plans, which are dominated by proprietary investment products that give participants limited investment options and returns that don’t always justify the hidden investment costs.

If your company, practice or firm provides qualified, nonqualified or IRA benefits for owners or employees, you should consider AMG’s custodial, trustee and independent investment management services. We can advise you on plan design, help you structure best-of-breed investment options for participants, and act as the plan’s fiduciary and third-party administrator. Using our convenient, flexible services, you can potentially reduce your fiduciary responsibility, minimize your administrative burden and increase both plan participation and satisfaction.

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