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Endowments & Foundations

Foundations, endowments and nonprofit organizations face unique financial management and administrative challenges. Your financial-services partner should understand these challenges and support you with expert counsel and exceptional service that allows your leadership to focus on the organization’s mission.

AMG National Trust Bank serves the comprehensive needs of mission-driven institutions with extensive investment management and advice, trustee and administrative services, and banking services. Organizations rely on our investment expertise, independent perspective and portfolio management to help grow, manage and protect the assets that allow them to carry out their missions.

Leverage your investment-management relationship to get powerful financial solutions from our expert advisors. After all, the real value in building your assets is how they allow your organization to serve the community.

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Investment Management

Endowments and foundations need much more than sound investment advice. They need an independent partner like AMG National Trust Bank that can help the investment committee understand and explore issues relevant to enhancing return and managing risk.

AMG customizes investment strategies for each organization it serves and takes a disciplined approach to investment management. We emphasize independent, unbiased investment recommendations; well-constructed investment policies; portfolio diversification; the importance of economic analysis in assessing investment opportunities; and frequent interaction between AMG advisors and investment-committee members.

Endowments and foundations bear serious responsibility for prudent asset stewardship. An independent, unbiased investment advisor – one not motivated by commissions or personal gain – is essential to stewardship. AMG is a fee-only, independent firm that does not accept commissions for any recommendations.

Investment Management

Due Diligence

Astute investors probe beyond the surface of positive performance to understand how an investment manager achieved their returns and whether the firm can repeat this success in varying market conditions. AMG National Trust Bank’s sophisticated investment due-diligence program helps us go beyond the tactics of market timing and momentum management, which have no persistence in volatile times. Identifying managers with enduring return characteristics requires that we develop a deep, visceral understanding of a manager’s strategy as well as the attributes driving performance.

AMG’s Investment Group uses an intense quantitative and qualitative screening process to identify the potential investments suitable for our clients. Clients benefit from AMG's complete freedom to recommend only the investments and investment managers who demonstrate characteristics that produce a higher likelihood of long-term outperformance across market cycles. These are managers we define as best-of-breed and have investment philosophies and strategies that allow them to successfully negotiate volatile markets. These managers take a long-term approach to investing and their bias toward capital preservation benefits AMG’s clients.

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