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Corporate Executives

As a corporate executive, your career offers financial opportunities created by you and your company's success. AMG's Executive Financial Counseling service helps you capture these opportunities and turn them in to future financial security and oftentimes wealth-building experiences.

Since 1976, AMG National Trust Bank has provided fee-only corporate financial counseling to executives of major U.S. institutions. We build personalized strategies taking advantage of the executive’s corporate benefits and incentive programs, which can be exceptional wealth building opportunities. Each executive's financial strategy incorporates sophisticated investment, estate, income tax, cash flow management, risk control and career financial planning, all of which cover specific planning horizons for an executive's career.

AMG's Executive Financial Counseling program helps you maximize the financial success of your career and achieve your personal family and career goals.

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Wealth Transfer

Professional success allows you to accumulate wealth and perhaps pass it on to future generations. The first step in planning an effective wealth transfer is determining what you can actually leave to your heirs. Only then can you think about protecting your legacy.

AMG National Trust Bank guides executives through trust structures, gifting techniques, and an ever-changing tax environment. We help you articulate specific goals related to transferring your assets as well as your values. We understand your overall financial and investment goals and bring this understanding to your wealth-transfer planning. Working closely with your estate-planning attorney, we help you create a plan to transfer your wealth and your values to future generations.

Wealth Transfer