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Business Owners

AMG National Trust Bank, uniquely structured to meet the personal and professional needs of business owners, helps you navigate the challenges of running a business while maintaining your personal financial security. Whether you need access to liquidity, treasury management services, qualified retirement plan administration, tax planning, investment management expertise, business succession planning or advice on how to handle a concentrated stock position, AMG National Trust Bank can customize a solution that meets your needs.

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Advantages of AMG as Trustee

AMG National Trust Bank’s professional trustee services help you achieve many goals, including:

Professional Investment Management. Assets are managed with an investment strategy designed to help fulfill the trust’s goals, whether income production or long-term asset appreciation. Trusts benefit from AMG’s commitment to independent and objective investment advice and bias for long-term capital preservation, which can help maximize investment opportunities while managing risk.

Long-Term Guidance for Your Family. Effective use of trusts can help individuals carry on after a family member’s death. You can structure trusts to provide financial security for family members of different ages and abilities.

Efficient Bill Paying. AMG can receive and pay bills for you and your trusts.

Conservatorship or Guardianship. Our trust advisors have the experience and knowledge to help protect the financial interests of clients with special needs.

A Secure Escrow. We can act in an independent role to secure assets in a business or personal transaction.

Effective Trust and Estate Administration. Our experienced advisors and trust officers can help you handle the legal complexities of trust and estate administration, such as preparing income-tax returns for most trusts.