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Entrepreneurs & Founders

Entrepreneurs drive the long-term health and prosperity of the global economy. Drawing upon extensive experience investing in venture companies and working with entrepreneurs and founders, AMG understands how to serve your unique financial needs. AMG provides white glove service so you can focus on growing your company. Services include:

  • Seamless personal and commercial banking
  • Financial counseling and tax advice that helps prepare you for liquidity events and business exits
  • Portfolio management that helps diversify and protect your wealth

How can we help?
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Financial Counseling

AMG has a 30-year tradition of investing in early stage companies and understands the unique financial needs of entrepreneurs and founders. With an uncommon path to wealth, you deal with concentrated assets, liquidity challenges and exceptionally demanding careers. We support your professional success by taking care of your family’s financial needs and helping you create financial security. Financial security gives you the freedom to take risks and pursue entrepreneurial ventures with fervor.

AMG’s Financial Counseling for Founders is a white-glove service delivered by a team of advisors skilled at working with founders and entrepreneurs. We assess your financial position and make recommendations to enhance your financial security before an exit. We provide unbiased counsel on the implications of taking liquidity at various stages of your venture’s development. We protect your wealth with time-tested strategies to diversify from a concentrated position to a well-managed investment portfolio at an exit. We help you control taxes and create a long-term plan to protect your wealth and make it last across generations.