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Business Owners

AMG National Trust Bank, uniquely structured to meet the personal and professional needs of business owners, helps you navigate the challenges of running a business while maintaining your personal financial security. Whether you need access to liquidity, treasury management services, qualified retirement plan administration, tax planning, investment management expertise, business succession planning or advice on how to handle a concentrated stock position, AMG National Trust Bank can customize a solution that meets your needs.

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Business Transitions

The business you have spent a lifetime building could be considered your greatest masterpiece. Determining how you transition your business can be one of the most challenging tasks you face.

AMG National Trust Bank works with you long before the transition to help you define a clear plan that reflects your values. Our first priority in helping you plan your business transition is how the outcome furthers your financial security and success and seeks to help control estate and income taxes. We also help you position assets effectively, based on your goals, before the liquidity event and transition occurs. Depending on your goals, business transitions can also be an excellent opportunity to transfer wealth to future generations or to charitable organizations.

AMG’s extensive resources and expertise will help provide a comprehensive, unbiased perspective of business decision consequences and rewards. Let us partner with you to help further your success.

Business Transitions

Financial Counseling

Through dedication, sound decision making and persistence you have achieved financial success. Unfortunately, you can be financially successful but not financially secure. Financial security is enduring. It delivers peace of mind and creates opportunities for you to pursue dreams and goals you did not consider possible.

Financial security is achieved through careful planning with an independent advisor like AMG National Trust Bank. AMG advisors work closely with clients to quarterback a comprehensive financial plan, incorporating all your assets, that addresses short- and long-term financial security concerns, tax decisions, corporate compensation and benefits, retirement planning, strategic investments, insurance coverage levels, and estate and wealth-transfer options.

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