Tax planning is not always foremost on a successful entrepreneur’s mind. Working with AMG National Trust Bank, your unwavering focus on business is supported by our ability to optimize your tax position.

Our tax experts are skilled at helping entrepreneurs control and prepare for potential tax liabilities. We project your estimated taxes for the coming five years and then evaluate how to possibly reduce tax liabilities by accelerating expenses or deferring income, maximizing retirement-plan contributions or taking advantage of accelerated depreciation. We also assist you in keeping accurate records and maximizing deductions for business-use of your home and auto.

Optimizing your tax position when you sell the business demands early planning and an approach that takes into account your personal financial security, investments outside the business and wealth-transfer plan. Because AMG tax experts work closely with your financial advisor, they can recommend business structures designed to optimize your tax position at time of sale and achieve longer-term wealth transfer goals. This can include transferring ownership in a business to other family members or trusts for these family members.

AMG’s tax department prepares federal, state and local income-tax returns. In addition, we can prepare gift- and estate-tax returns and assist you with tax issues related to household staff, as well as prepare tax returns for private foundations and businesses, including partnerships and trusts.

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