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Entrepreneurs: Plan an Effective Wealth Transfer

Effectively transferring your wealth, especially when it is concentrated in a venture you started, requires a skilled advisor and planning. Without coordinated financial-security, investment and estate plans, you can generate too much estate tax for heirs or give away too much money too soon and risk your own financial security. An effective wealth transfer creates opportunities for your heirs to access some of your wealth now without risking your quality of life and financial security.

AMG National Trust Bank has the knowledge and resources to help protect your legacy for future generations. We help you evaluate the methods and timing of transferring wealth to heirs, especially in light of your own personal financial security. We help you address issues of business valuation, succession planning and transferring wealth equally when only one heir is interested in the business. Working hand in hand with your attorney, AMG quarterbacks the process and guides you through ever-changing tax laws, regulations, trust structures and gifting practices. The end goal is to create an estate plan that helps you pass on not only your financial capital to your heirs but more importantly your values and dreams for their success.

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