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AMG Private Capital Group: Areas of Expertise

Expertise in identifying investment managers and determining appropriate investments given economic conditions is essential to success in alternative investments. AMG National Trust Bank’s Private Capital Group uses its expertise to nimbly respond to changing economic conditions and identify, monitor and harvest opportunities the following alternative-investment classes:

International Investments
Gaining unrivaled access to local expertise, constructing the correct macroeconomic and political forecast, understanding property rights and having employees who are fluent in the local language and understand local issues are some of the key ingredients to successful international investing. We prudently and actively research international markets with the goal of identifying best-of-breed investment opportunities in countries with excellent return characteristics and strong enforcement of property rights.

Private Equity and Venture Capital
We excel at providing access to successful pioneers of emerging-market investments. The group is expert at finding, researching and qualifying best-of-breed managers with demonstrated success in private equity and venture capital. Selected managers have an “on the ground” presence and extensive networks that enable them to better assess direct-investment opportunities and create outsized returns.

Real Estate
Drawing upon more than 25 years of experience, we do more than monitor direct real estate investments from the sidelines. We create value for investors by identifying challenges before they become problems and step in to promptly correct problems if they do arise.

Traditional and Alternative Energy
Whether you invest in geothermal or oil and gas resources, success requires the right partners with expertise in geology, engineering, distribution and finance. We are exceptional at identifying the correct partners for these direct investments.

Hedge Funds
Our expertise in identifying leading hedge-fund managers who favor a long-short approach creates opportunity for eligible AMG clients to access “downside-protection” investments. AMGIC then uses an established methodology for combining hedge-fund investments in a fund-of-funds structure that gives investors an additional layer of diversity within this asset class.

Investment products: Not FDIC insured • No bank guarantee • May lose value