Comprehensive Wealth Management
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Successful investment management requires scholarly understanding of current and future economic conditions and an ability to anticipate which asset classes and investment managers will prosper. Through a proprietary blend of macro-economic forecasting and bottom up investment manager research, AMG effectively positions client portfolios in asset classes and with managers best suited to capitalize on changing economic conditions.

Sophisticated risk management comes from AMG's focus on asset-class diversification and investment due diligence. AMG goes beyond the traditional "stocks, bonds and cash" formula for asset-class diversification. Instead, AMG analyzes 21 different asset classes, allowing us to more accurately assess risk characteristics of specific investments, each asset class and a client's entire portfolio. When we have a sense of how these asset classes are likely to perform, we can better manage through volatile economic times. Because AMG's manager-selection and due-diligence processes are stringent, and both quantitative and qualitative in nature, we can better anticipate risks hidden behind seemingly strong investment performance.



Investment products: Not FDIC insured • No bank guarantee • May lose value