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Benefits of Financial Counseling Programs

Without a knowledgeable advisor to help create a strategic plan, financial planning can be time consuming and stressful. Executives can become distracted by the complexity of managing their own financial security or loose sight of the immense value of their corporate benefits. Neither result is beneficial to the executive or the corporation.

Corporations benefit from AMG National Trust Bank’s executive financial-counseling program mainly in three ways:

  • Enhanced productivity
    Executives with a clear financial plan to follow are more focused on their work and thus more productive and effective participants in the corporation’s success. We help each executive develop a customized financial strategy to meet his or her specific financial objectives to build, manage and protect their wealth.
  • Improved executive morale and retention
    We help leverage the corporate benefits by showing executives the true value of their options and benefits, demonstrating the financial security accumulated during a long career with the company. Executives are motivated to take full advantage of your corporate programs. The advantage is reduced turnover and increased opportunities to attract and retain top-quality leaders.
  • Support for human-resources personnel
    AMG advisors, instead of often over-extended HR departments, take responsibility for answering and analyzing time-consuming personal questions executives ask about compensation and benefits decisions. Because executives better understand their benefits, they make timely benefit elections.

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