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Our firm dates back to 1972 when we began as Asset Management Group (AMG). Since then, we have evolved into a national organization with over $3.0 billion of assets under management and offices in Denver, Boulder, Cheyenne, Chicago, Morristown and Virginia Beach.

1972 — Earl L. Wright and Michael D. Bergmann, Ph.D establish Asset Management Group (AMG) as a division of a national investment bank. AMG provides objective, comprehensive financial counseling services to senior executives of leading U.S. companies.

1975 — The founders purchase AMG to become an independent, fee-only firm, thereby reducing potential conflicts of interest.

1976 — Our firm becomes a registered investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and begins providing specific investment recommendations to clients as part of our extensive counseling services.

1976 — Group financial planning services are introduced. These new services offer corporate clients customized group programs on critical financial planning and retirement issues.

1976 — We provide clients access to alternative investments to diversify their investment portfolios beyond traditional stock, bond and mutual fund holdings.

1979 — Tax return preparation services are added. In-house tax specialists prepare tax returns, advise on tax compliance issues and provide tax research to support counseling teams.

1981 — Earl L. Wright and Michael D. Bergmann establish Asset Management Group Investment Corp. (AMGIC) to expand due diligence and alternative investment offerings to AMG clients.

1994 —Services expand to provide investment management, which includes a customized AMG investment plan that we can implement for our clients.

1995 — The AMG Charitable Gift Foundation, a public, non-profit organization, is created to provide clients with a convenient, low-cost alternative to establishing a private foundation. Bill paying and recordkeeping service also introduced.

1999 — Personal Financial Management (PFM) is introduced to provide clients with a comprehensive, integrated package of financial counseling and discretionary investment management services.

2001 — We become a national trust bank. AMG and the trust department of Guaranty Bank and Trust create a non-depository, non-lending national trust bank to help clients by providing trust services along with our extensive range of financial management services.

2004 — We acquire Old Dominion Trust Company to serve affluent individuals and businesses throughout eastern Virginia and to further extend our presence in the eastern U.S.

2008 — The addition of commercial banking powers granted by the FDIC and the OCC allows AMG National Trust Bank to better serve clients’ complete financial needs.

2012 — We open a trust office in Cheyenne, Wyoming to help clients benefit from the advantages of Wyoming trusts.