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How the Foundation Works

Donor-advised funds managed by the AMG Charitable Gift Foundation allow individuals to make irrevocable charitable gifts to a fund, named at the discretion of the donor, from which the donor can recommend charitable distributions.  Gifts to the foundation’s donor-advised funds provide an immediate tax deduction while a single large gift can translate into the flexibility to give throughout the course of future years.  If you choose AMG Charitable Gift Foundation to manage your philanthropy, expect to:

  • Suggest how your donations should be invested, choosing from among four options:
    • Growth portfolio.
    • Balanced portfolio.
    • Fixed-income portfolio.
    • Money-market account.
  • Recommend gifts, made as frequently as you like, to the 501(c)(3) charitable organizations of your choice.
  • Fund contributions to the foundation with most assets, including:
    • Cash.
    • Appreciated securities.
    • Partnership interests.
    • Privately traded stocks.
    • Closely held stocks.
    • Publicly traded stocks and bonds.
  • Enjoy benefits that include:
    • An immediate tax deduction for contributions to the foundation.
    • Deducting contributions at fair-market value.
    • Funding your contributions with appreciated securities, which allows you to forego recognizing capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Investment products: Not FDIC insured • No bank guarantee • May lose value